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World wide possibilities

Arbitom is about looking at the world differently and realizing that opportunities are everywhere.  Do your homework, check the data and approach obstacles differently, and then you will often find the best solutions are simple.  No need to spend a lot of money.  Collaborate with others, there isn't much new out there but there are endless combinations and new ways of looking at old things.  I recently went to a "free" seminar on how to trade tax liens - the course they were selling didn't offer much value in my opinion for the price and the speaker admitted to me that their $586.00 course was just an introductory to more sales presentations.  At the end of the free "class" (sales presentation) I received a $20.00 gift card to Starbucks - but more importantly the guy in the back of the room tasked with selling me the course mentioned that they buy tax liens on ebay then sell them to students.  Bam!!  Why didn't I think of that.  That was worth showing up to get $20.00 and sitting in a sleepy presentation for an hour.

You are a stakeholder already

Simply by living in the richest country in the world you are a stakeholder.  You may think investing or trading is for rich guys and retirement is some distant goal.  Maybe you think you are the 99% and all that stuff is the domain of the 1%.  Guess what?  You know all those youths who were occupying wallstreet a few years ago?  They walked around in ripped up jeans, smoked doobies on public sidewalks and railed against the system of consumerism and investment and all that jazz.  Then they tuned in their Wi-Fi on their $850 mobile Apple devices - clicked apps to access their social media and cried about how the rich fat cats were stealing all the wealth.  They chanted "We are the 99%!" and then went home to Mom and Dad who paid for their spoiled lifestyle with our great American system.   But they didn't have a clue that in reality they are the 1%.  When you account for the global economy, simply by living in America, even if you are on the public dole - you are already richer than 99% of the rest of the world.  We are blessed.  So get with the program, change your perspective. Wealth is a ladder and you have the ability to climb up and down at will.  Just look up - grab a rung and start climbing.  I'll do my part, now you do your part.

Oh, and if you got an email directly from Arbitom - you may have some free stock waiting for you...  but if you don't ask me about it, I won't tell you about it either.

Start Small and ADD TO IT MONTHLY

Small changes today can add up quick.  See the penny on the ground?  Stop and pick it up.  Start to value small change.  If you pick up enough pennies in a day, you may actually gain flexibility and lose a pound or two as well.  But, even better, throw that penny in a jar.  Try this:  Every time you find unexpected money laying around - and if you don't see any then you aren't looking.  Pick up the change.  Put it in a jar on your dresser.  Thank God that you live in a place where people think nothing of throwing away actual cash.  There is so much wealth that we don't even think about the massive dollars just laying around waiting for you to pick it up.  BUT YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT AND MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE.  Repetition is the key to making this thing grow.  Remember that commercial:  "It's time to make the donuts"? just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Progress is made one step at a time.

Look for ways to save money that you can throw in the retirement account.  Don't spend new money.  Look at what you already spend and then find a cheaper way to do it.  Or, cut it out completely if it doesn't make sense.  

Incremental change will add change in your pocket.  Invest that small coin and watch it grow.


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